Just between the two of us

A straightforward, no bullshit privacy policy

The short version

I won't give your personal information to anybody. Ever.

The (only slightly) longer version

  1. This site uses Google Analytics to record track page views and other traffic. I use this data to help understand how many visitors my site gets, which pages are people look at and how long it takes until they get bored and nick off to the Space Jam Website. Google Analytics data is 100% anonymous and contains no personally identifiable information about anyone who visits the site.
  2. If you use the to send me an email, your message is delivered directly to my inbox, via Formspree. Formspree does not see or store your data, they simply pass it along. When you reach out to me through the contact form, it's no different to sending me an email directly. Your email address is a required field so that I can reply to you but, if you really don't want me to see who your are, just use nobody@test.com and you will be completely anonymous.
  3. If you send me an email via the then I will probably add you to my personal email address book because it's nice to stay in touch. I will not share this information with any other person for any purpose unless you provide your explicit consent. If you don't want me to put you in my address book, just tell me as part of the message you send.
  4. If you sign up to my Mailing List (and why wouldn't you? It's what all the cool kids are doing) then your name will be automatically added to an opt-in subscribers list on an email delivery and management platform. The contents of this mailing list will never be shared with any other person or third party and will only be used for the purpose of delivering some really awesome content to your inbox on a semi-regular basis.
  5. Every email you receive through my mailing list will include an unsubscribe link. You may unsubscribe at any time and will not receive further mailing list emails unless you resubscribe. If you do choose to unsubscribe, you may be prompted to indicate why you don't wish to receive any further emails. You don't have to tell me but it would be really cool and helpful if you do.
  6. From time to time, I may add additional features to the website which collect or request personal information. This privacy policy will be updated to reflect any changes over time, but the fundamental principle will always be to respect your privacy and never share any personally idneitifable information with any person, group or legal entity.
  7. Are you still reading this? Nobody ever reads this far. Seriously, go and checkout Space Jam. You've earned it.